About Us

A Few Words About Us

Fountain House is about the power of community. It was created to relieve the loneliness and stigma that affect so many people who are living with serious mental illnesses, Specially schizophrenia and others. Serious mental illness disrupts lives - people lose their jobs, they drop out of school, they alienate their families and friends, and they end up alone.Fountain house provides them treatment and psycho-Social reabilitation facilites to rehab them and back to community with all their self esteem.

Fountain House Lahore is the second Fountain House of the world after Fountain House Newyork N.Y. (USA) In 1965, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rashid Chaudhry (Late) a founder member of the Lahore Mental Health association (LMHA), worked out a plan for the establishment of a rehabilitation center for the mentally ill in Lahore. A formal proposal entitled "Establishment of a Half-Way House and

Message By The President

Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal

"Seeing is believing" and it gives me immense pleasure to see this institution Fountain House prospering. I also commend the great efforts of branching out and expanding of the institution especially in Sargodha and recently announced construction of female blocks in Fountain House Faroqabad. I welcome the philanthropists from community to participate in these noble projects.

Message By The Chairman

Dr. Muhammad Amjid Saqib

Fountain House is working for the patients with psychiatric illnesses coming from less privileged sections of the society. I congratulate all the volunteers, philanthropists and mental health professionals who have joined hands with us to keep the flame burning