What We do?

What We Do

Fountain House Pakistan is Unique among all Fountain Houses In World
It is one of the unique fountain Houses of the world not only working for the Day Members (Patients with mental illness ) but also have its free OPD,Indoor Acute ,Sub Acute and Long-term units working for 24 hours.

Fountain house is a working for the patients with psychiatric illness coming from less privileged sections the society. LMHA was established in 1963. it was registered with support of fountain house New York, Mr. john H. Beard then executive Director Fountain house Lahore for its establishment (May their Souls rest in peace). Since then it kept on increasing its service for mental health in Pakistan with the help of community. Alhamdulillah, making it '' home of happiness ''.

  • Extended now its services for substance use disorder, Transgender Support Program and Day School for Mentally Challenged Children
  • Voluntarism runs in the blood of its spirits more than 1000 volunteers are involved in its day to day Services
  • No Attended IS Required from the Family
  • Been Run With the Help of Community from over 50 years ,More than 90% of funds are donated by the Community
  • TeamWork
  • Integrity
  • Diversity