Fountain House Lahore

Fountain House Lahore is the second Fountain House of the world after Fountain House Newyork N.Y. (USA).In 1965, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rashid Chaudhry (Late) a founder member of the Lahore Mental Health association (LMHA), worked out a plan for the establishment of a rehabilitation center for the mentally ill in Lahore. A formal proposal entitled "Establishment of a Half-Way House and Day-Night Rehabilitation Unit for persons with Mental Illness" was submitted to the Govt. of Pakistan in 1965. After approval by the Govt. in 1968, the proposal was sent to the Social and Rehabilitation Services ,Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Govt. of USA for the purpose of obtaining technical and financial assistance.

In 1971 Mr. John H. Beard, Executive Director, Fountain House, New York as a consultant of social and rehabilitation services, Washington USA visited the Rehabilitation Unit of Lahore Mental Health Association. The close relationship that developed as a result of the technical collaboration between the two houses led to the adoption of the name of Fountain House for The Rehabilitation Center In Lahore. Presently, Fountain House Lahore indoor facility caters to the rehabilitations needs of 400 members (patients) including 100 females. The Free Out Patient Department with Pharmacy along with the many Volunteer Consultants who have joined Fountain House including Skin Specialist (Dermatologist), General Physician & Gynecologist etc is successfully providing psychiatric and psychological consultation facility to particularly poverty stricken persons suffering from Mental Disorders not only from Lahore and Suburban areas but also to the members (patients) from outstation. Free medicine is provided to the deserving patients' families from zakat and donations. The approach that we've evolved - our working community - offers people living with mental illness a sense of belonging and the opportunity to form relationships, so they can take the vital steps toward mental health. Membership in Fountain House has been proven to reduce re-hospitalizations and to improve overall health.

Indoor Facilities

  • Boarding and Lodging
  • Day Care
  • Professional Care Givers\Attendant
  • 24 Hours a day Supervised Activities
  • Psychological Interventions
  • Treatment and roles of substance use
  • Food and Dining
  • Barber Shop for male members
  • Beauty Saloon for female Members
  • Laundary
  • Library
  • Transport facility for IDC and HRVRC Children
  • Pharmacy
  • In house Employment Program
  • Transitional Employment Program
  • Recreational facilities
  • EID festivals
  • Monthly Social Evening
  • Independent Living Facility

Outdoor Facilities

  • Free Out Patient Department (OPD)
  • Zakat Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy with subsidies rates (10 % Discount)
  • Free Family Counseling's

Allied Therapies

Psycho Darama Therapy Unit

Members, having aptitude for acting, are participating in different psycho drama activities for their rehabilitation. Psycho drama therapy gives an opportunity to evaluate their behavior, reflects on how the past incidents is getting played out in the present and more understanding of particular situations in their lives.

Vocational Therapy Unit

Members, having peculiar interest, are engaged in different art and craft activities for their rehabilitation; Painting, sketching, coloring, Crafting , flower making, card making, candle making.

Reading Therapy Unit

A good book may of course also have therapeutic properties, our minds and our imaginations are more engaged when reading because sometime we unable to understand and express our thoughts put into words books help us to create awareness and clear understanding of event indirect way.

Occupation Therapy Unit

Jobs skills are being imported to those having interest in any occasional training they are guided, to improve job skills in order to make them useful and productive members of the society to become erning hands for their families.

Music Therapy Unit

Aim of music therapy is to help people with mental illnesses (Schizophrenia ) with following objectives: To develop relationships and to address issues that they may not be able to express using words: Reduce muscles tension.

Agro Based Therapy

Has been established since 0000 for patients with rural background who also work in fields to grow vegetables / crops and fruit plants which are then consumed by indoor patients . In this way every inch of the land is utilized for welfare of mentally ill patients Crops Cultivation, Gardening, Fish & Cattle Farming, Poultry.

Sports Therapy Unit

Physical fitness and mental stability are related to each other. It is found that motor, emotional and social behaviors are significantly improved by regular sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis, exercise , athletics etc.

Spritual Therapy Unit

Most of the time, people seek out the help of their religious leaders by virtue of their deep faith in them. However a spiritual therapist provides similar services but with a greater focus on listing and serving to bring everything into balance and focus.

Technical Educational Unit

Those members who have previous technical skills and aptitude for technical education are referred in technical educational unit. In this unit members are engaged in the special fields such as agriculture, computer courses, electronic repairing, car painter etc.

Fountain House Club

Fountain House Club is Comprised of Philan therapists for all walks of life .They are friend of fountain house who organized activities for members Welfare and rehab program.

Khawaja Sira Block

Khawaja Sira Block is designed to create a society where the transgendered are treated as equal citizen without prejudice or discrimination.

Psycho Education Program

This Program is designed for the Care givers ,Professionals ,Volunteers, Students and rehabilitated members Under the Umbrella of Lahore Mental Health Association in collaboration with world association for Psycho social Rehabilitation.

Mental Health Volunteer Internship Program

MHVIP for all the volunteers who are students of high schools, colleges, universities, mental health professionals and people from various walks of life who volunteer themselves for the cause of mental health.

Fountain House Lahore Indoor Activities